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 Sofa's Timeline >_>

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Sofa's Timeline >_> Empty
PostSubject: Sofa's Timeline >_>   Sofa's Timeline >_> I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 26, 2009 12:26 am

Well Well... a completely original idea. ;D (<3 you Namo XD)

First picture ever... eww...
Sofa's Timeline >_> 00000010

Sitting with my bestest fwiend in the whole wide world, Rhi. :3
Sofa's Timeline >_> 00000027

The last picture of the first original Sofa... *Sniffle*
Sofa's Timeline >_> 00000084-1

One of the first pictures of LiL.Sofa, the most recognized of all Sofa's... don't ask about the wings, I was borrowing them. XD
Sofa's Timeline >_> 00000143

Me sitting with many of my good friends during the golden months of Epic Fail... I miss those days. ;.;
Sofa's Timeline >_> 00000167-1

One of the last pictures of LiL.Sofa I could find, along with Sam, Artie, Zeth, and cerah. ^^
Sofa's Timeline >_> 00000423

Current day Sofa... along with Avo and Devy. <3
Sofa's Timeline >_> 00000431
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Sofa's Timeline >_>
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