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 Balsa-The Hyperness

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PostSubject: Balsa-The Hyperness   Balsa-The Hyperness I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 23, 2009 3:43 am

Hullo Laughing
My IGN ish Balsa but I respond to anything and i mean anything. I'm usually in the Guild Cottage cuz there's the least amount of lag there. My hobby in that game is to ask random questions and you gets a special prize =3. I like to believe that i'm the hyper one of the guild but i'm also the dumb blonde XD. it takes me a while to understand things.
RL: My RL name ish Allison. I'm usually called Chazz because there are 4 Allisons in my class including me. Umm i'm 14 years old. I'm blonde with blue eyes, i'm tall but kinda big. I beat up people who piss me off so my friends say it's all muscle and i'm like naw. Uhhh, my Hobbies/Interests are softball, volleyball, basketball, baseball, hockey, music, animals, movies, and being hyper =3. I plan on going to college to become an SPCA investigator (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) or a crime scene investigator or work in the FBI. I start my freshman year this fall. Um i got a puppeh so thats why i don't talk sometimes cuz she's brutally attacking meh Razz
My favorite quote ish Only Dead Fish Go With the Flow -Ryan Seacrest lol! I'm also a huge Twilight fan. At school i'm the head of the Team Jasper. Although i think The Host by Stephenie Meyer should be made into a movie too cuz that was a dang good book. Okay you're probably bored out of yer mind Sleep so tata fer now =3 flower <---i'm a perty flower
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Balsa-The Hyperness
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