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 Bow Chika wow wow: Enter the Sofa

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PostSubject: Bow Chika wow wow: Enter the Sofa   Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:13 am

Hobbies/Interests:Music, Guitars, Pianos, Turntables Video Games, Women (Duh :3), Making people laugh, Anime, Manga.

Hello people, I am Sofa, the perverted freak and possibly the comedian of Lost Sonata? >_>
But don't let that worry you, I'm taken already. I am a very kind, somewhat funny guy. I love to make friends and socialize. One of my biggest interests is music. I usually listen to Metal, Metalcore, Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Techno, and Industrial. I guess I can say that I am a musician, not a very good one though. XD I do love pianos and turntables but the one thing that always seems to catch my attention is the electric Guitar. The many sounds it can make and just seeing people play it just amazes me and inspires me to play it more. :3 Well I hope to see you all soon. ^^

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Bow Chika wow wow: Enter the Sofa
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